Why I’m not a Feminist - Luul Hussein

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I fall completely outside the spectrum of feminism. My perspective is that it not only encourages sexism but encourages the victimisation of women. There are however some aspects of feminism that I agree with but the bulk of feminist thought is in my opinion a misdiagnosis of some of the gender based issues we have in society. 
Modern feminism has gone into this type of ideological ditch that has seen feminist ideals morph into something starkly different from the original vision of feminism that came out of the enlightenment. 

It’s my belief that feminists are poisonous to twenty first century society. Of course there are ‘glass ceilings’ and other gender based injustices that still play a major factor in imposing archaic or outdated perceptions of women and men. However, feminism is inspiring young and impressionable women to adopt sociopathic ideals that are just not realistic. Men and women are not the same and they never will be, so aspiring to mirror or succeed male achievements is more destructive to our self worth and self esteem. There’s a bigger picture. There’s no shame in just acting like a girl. Women in power suits and their matching male bravado should just embrace womanhood instead of adhering to a culture cliché that women are subordinate to men. Feminism is ironically derogatory to women.

Wanting to be equal to a man is essentially synonymous with wanting not to be a woman. A man will never be equal or held in the same regard as a woman and vice versa. If feminists want to empower women then it should work on eradicating stereotypes and casual denigrations assumed to women rather than male bashing. It has so much potential to be a movement that could change the social context. 

I hate the notion that women, especially from third world countries like Zimbabwe, Somalia, Kenya or Congo, need saving. It would be irresponsible and ignorant to ignore that in many African countries, women are victims to some of the most horrific crimes imaginable. Having said that, I recognise them simply as crimes against humanity and a rejection of basic human rights rather than gender specific offences. Having just learnt that my great grandmother was a Massai woman, the image that immediately forms in my mind is that of a strong African Queen rather than the women you see on charity adverts created to tug on heartstrings. Turn to the women of your family and tell me if they’re victims of societal injustice or the absolute pinnacles of your admiration.

I am a woman and I don’t need feminism.

By Luul Hussein.


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  2. I somewhat agree with the impertinent need for feminism but your affluent manner to discourse the movement itself - not so much.

    Suffice to say it would be quite crass to negate that women in the third world are simply denied their basic human rights when it is done so because they are infact 'women'. And let's not discredit the struggle women have gone through to acquire and secure the thrones we sit on today by romanticising their roles in history for the sake of argument. They stand as strong African queens because they've had to fight.

    Now, instead could it be possible that the women in our lives may have been victims of societal injustice in their past only to become the absolute pinnacles of our admiration today?

  3. I understand where you are coming from. But I learned years ago that today's feminism is led by a certain group of women. Western, white, middle class women who really do not understand feminism at all. Women come from different backgrounds, religions, social classes etc. To say that one group runs feminism is ignorant and too be honest very shallow. Feminism is need where it understands all of those aspects and wants to include the men in the conversation. When you exclude half of the population and not DO YOUR RESEARCH regarding the real issues that women go through then I yes you certainly make a great point. Unfortunately feminism is very hot during Uni and for certain people but putting in the constructive work and actually helping women well majority of those people are not bothered enough, sadly.

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