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Feminism is the epitome of female empowerment. It reiterates that women are strong and that strong women come in all different forms. It encourages women to be who and what they want, to wear what they want, to do as they please and to say what they want. It acts as a support system for women when they are denied these rights that they are entitled to. Now if that isn’t embracing womanhood then I’m at a loss for what is.

Feminism is the advocacy of establishing and defending women's rights politically, socially, economically and culturally. As much as I'd love to say we live in a world where every human being is given the rights that their entitled to, I can't, because this is far from true. Simply put we need feminism because there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Granted we've come a long way, but we’ve got a longer way to go. Feminism has evolved with time; as the Suffragettes demonstrated; political equality was once the focal point in women's movement for equality. As society develops we're presented with more issues which means we have more barriers to break down, not just ones on the political sphere. Just because women now have the right to vote, do not forget that we once didn't. Had feminists not brought attention to it and literally fought for what we now dismiss as a basic right, we certainly wouldn't be where we are. So to say we don’t need feminism anymore is almost comical.

Feminism works to tackle the pressing concern of inequality that women face within these areas. Wanting equality is in no way synonymous with aspiring to be a man. Yes, men and women are different but that’s not to say one is more superior or inferior to the other. Equality is not limited to a particular gender; it’s a right that every individual is entitled to. So, how working towards this is somehow damaging to my self worth is beyond me. 

Feminism does not instill misandry; it works to put men and women on an equal playing field so that they have access to the same opportunities. Feminists work hard to eradicate an inequality that is very much present today and to say otherwise is nothing less than being ignorant of your surroundings. So to each and every single person that has ever told me to stop saying I’m a feminist, I will. I'll stop saying I'm a feminist when a women is able to apply for a job and have as much a chance of getting it as her male counterpart. I'll stop saying I'm a feminist when a woman is paid for her job based on the quality of her work and not her gender in order to make up for ‘lost’ statistics. I'll stop saying I'm a feminist when a women playing a sport is not judged on her gender but by how bloody good or bad she is. I'll stop saying I'm a feminist when my sister and every other little girl out there isn't brought up believing that pink is the only colour for girls, and that they can only wear dresses, or that they can't be too loud, or that they're only as good as they look. I’ll stop saying I’m a feminist when you can show me that we don’t have a problem.


  1. You've done nothing new to support this ideology making it only that much more redundant. If those are the requirements you need to 'stop saying you're a feminist', you can hereby retire your title and live on friend. You say you fight for equality under alternate terms with respect to the suffragettes, but correct me if I'm wrong, there's a slight contradiction to be noted when in 2014, the rights you think are worth fighting for, only serve value to a man. How long will you continue to fight? At this point, when will it be ok to stop fighting against the rules of men and live up to your own?

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