Elays Network - The start of Elmi Magazine

Elays Network is a Non-profit organisation run by the youth for the youth. Elays aims to inspire the youth through skill enhancing projects and encourages the young to become role models, volunteers and productive members of society. Elays builds a platform for kids and young adult to interact with the community, work with their passion, make an imprint, raise awareness and liaise with the professional world.

Elays attracts many positive young people who only need a platform to express themselves. We are currently working with YOT and BSED schools and the Job Centre in Wandsworth to reach out to vulnerable youth to regain confidence and skills to help build their future. We provide development in projects such as Drama club, film production, sports, mentoring, supporting parents and schools and as well as reinforcing their responsibility for education. We provide all this with the underlining layer of Islam. Reinforcing the young person’s morals in the correct method of Islam to instil inner peace and practising peace towards others.

Elays Network first launched Elmi Magazine as a print magazine in 2009 and continued it to its second issue. The magazine was a platform for young people to write about role models from similar background doing great work. There where articles on K'naan WarsameBoonaa MohamedMo FarahATM, Dr Mohamed Abdi, Nomad Radio, Nadifa Mohamed and many others. 

Editors of the magazine were Sadiya Ali Hussein, Hanan Bihi and Mahmoud Shire

Due to lack of funding the magazine ended after the second issue.

Now Elmi magazine is back as an online outlet; Elmimag.com

Elmimag.com is an online platform for you to share what you want others to read and be inspired by. There is no age or location restriction, everyone can write for the magazine. 

You can send in your creative writing or a review on something you came across online and want to share with everyone reading Elmi Mag.
Send your work to elmimagazine@gmail.com and wait for an email confirming it has been posted.

“Your thoughts, your experiences make Elmimag.com”


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