Bands Don't Value My Skin Tone: Sign My Petition

She hates being told that she’s not light enough, that her features are great but they could be greater. That due to the ‘imbalance’ in her skin tone she herself can never be greater. She is reminded by society that the only way her race will be accepted, is if they strive to be the one that they are not. Conflicted: because she wants to tell them how these ‘imbalances’ balance her perfectly, but as always an apology tumbles out of her mouth before she can. Conflicted: because she wants to love herself, but too many times she’s been told she’s not worth loving.

Mariam Fagbemi a biochemistry graduate from the UK. Mariam has set up an online petition to encourage high street cosmetics brands to recognise and cater to all skin tones.

You don’t need to wear make-up or be an ethnic minority woman to sign this. This is relevant to anyone who disagrees with the uniform standards society uses to define beauty.”

Make up is a way of life for so many women out there in the 21st century. It’s pretty much the modern version of a shield for women – but instead of warding off soldiers we’re warding of societal standards. Just as a sword was wielded like an extension of the arm, make up is just as fundamental to the average woman’s life.

So considering the importance of make-up you would assume that it would be available to all of the women around the world – no matter what colour your skin happened to be. In this society women of darker skin colour are told by so many that the colour of their skin isn’t deemed beautiful. That due to the ‘imbalance’ in her skin tone she can never be greater or anything beyond the colour that her skin is. Self-confidence is already a problem for the western woman – but for some black women its worse as they’re bombarded with images and slogans telling them that they’re skin isn’t beautiful. L’Oreal’s slogan is: because we’re worth it but it seems that only white and fair coloured women are getting this message as the company ignore the potential market of black women.

Western society holds the throne of beauty standards and the age old belief that the ‘fairer your skin the more beautiful it is’. The lack of black models in ads continues to disprove the belief that all women have access to the beauty industry.

“It sends out the wrong message, like darker skin shouldn’t be celebrated.”
Views and rights have, and are still, changing to adapt to this acceptance of equality in race, gender and ability. So why is it that despite equality in all corners of society, it seems that the beauty industry is lacking in cosmetics for black women?

Fashion houses/makeup brands like Chanel, L’Oreal and Dior (all brands found in drugstores) are still not catering for darker skin tones. Though there are brands like Sleek and B, which show that progress has been made in the cosmetic industry – it is still a fact of life that black women can’t go into any local drugstore and find makeup that actually suits our skin tone.

Black women should not have to wait a decade for brands to start catering to them. Which is why Mariam Fagbemi is encouraging women of any, and every, colour to sign this petition pushing high street cosmetic brands to embrace change and learn to celebrate beauty in all forms.

By Ramala Ossoble


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