Somali Silence - A Letter With No Trail

Dear Elmimag,

I'm not sure you know this however I am a huge fan of your magazine, for many different reasons. The biggest reason is you allow us young Somalis the opportunity to speak and also listen (read).

Our Somali culture is a very complex way of life, however no matter if you were born in Somalia or in the United States we still share strong similarities. Some may be a blessing and others may hold us back from growth. Sometimes i wonder is our culture so rich because Somalis are known to be afraid of change. If we are faced with normal, halal issues in life we act ashamed of the truth because it may be normal to all other societies however it is not the Somali norm.

It is not normal for Somalis to be open to the public about most of their issues or their life experiences.

Your probably wondering why am I talking about this? I want to simply highlight that I have seen a change in this fact in your magazine. I have noticed that the articles our young Somali people are sending you are open and honest about issues they face. I wondered is this because they are the next generation and there is a change that is occurring? Then I soon realise unfortunately no. The answer is that you have provided them with the opportunity to speak about these issues and not leave any trail behind.

You might be thinking I'm a hypocrite because i am leaving this anonymous letter. Maybe your right. Or maybe I am evidence of that fact. Somalis are afraid of talking especially when we think we might be judged on our thoughts.

I believe we have a lot to say and i believe that the more we talk the more we can help each other grow. That is why i am sending you this letter because this is my issue and I am afraid to leave a trail, but I want to be heard.

Again thank you for allowing me to speak even if no one knows, but I do and it is helping me grow.

Until next time.

A letter with no trail..



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