1982 Women's Wear Launch

“My father taught me, that to be a gentleman you would need more than a good suit. You would need an honourable character as well. However a well-fitted suit helps give you the confidence it takes to be of a strong character.”  - Fatima Ali, founder of 1982.

We are excited to announce today’s launch of 1982’s women’s wear SS15 collection by Fatima Ali. 1982 celebrates the feminine silhouette with sharp tailoring and chic colours. The new collection is sister brand to 19-EIGHTY-2, which specializes in bespoke tailoring for men.

Elmimag is honoured to share with our readers the story behind the brand and Fatima the founder.

Fatima created her first brand 19-EIGHTY-2 three and a half years ago to celebrate her father’s style. “My father was from a generation where suits were the everyday attire, and he took pride in carrying himself a certain way. “ Says Fatima.

It was not in Fatima’s plans to create and launch a women’s brand for 2015. However, over the years there was a high demand from women who admired the 19-EIGHTY-2 brand. Fatima’s intention was to concentrate and continue to represent the gentleman who wore bespoke. However, she could not ignore the request and jumped at the opportunity to celebrate the women she looked up to.

For the woman of today 1982 creates a selection of elegantly tailored jackets. Using the brands bespoke values fused with modern lines. The SS15 collection focuses on lightly structured shoulders, a fitted bodice, and gold button finishing. 

A ‘1982 woman’ is strong, smart and beautiful. She is ambitions and leads a busy life. She has an effortless confidence, which is projected in her style choices. She is the kind of woman who doesn't believe in disposable clothes, and only makes a few purchases per season. 

A designer has the artistic power to influence people with their ideas. Fatima shared her passion and love for what she does. “I love that I can create exactly what I want to see different in the world of fashion. Instead of just looking in, I get to sketch an idea and then select the perfect cloths, trimmings; and tailor the exact garment I want in my wardrobe.”

Future plans for the brands include; building upon her core values of good craftsmanship, style and luxury cloth. She plans to design and launch leather accessories, in particularly men's wallets and cardholders. She also aims to expand the ‘ready to wear’ collection to men's suits, and continue to build on her vision per collection.

For all the Elmimag readers who want to take the same route into fashion that Fatima took, we asked what her advice would be to you.

“The advice I would give anyone with a desire to launch a fashion business, is first and foremost take time to CREATE. Don't try and imitate whoever you look up to. Research what your passion is and create from your own space. Learn and appreciate the rules of the fashion industry but live by your own rules.

Don’t rush into becoming a brand immediately; you have to build a business from the bottom up, work on yourself first.  Also don’t try and do everything yourself, hire others who are the best in their fields to help you create the best. That's an investment you'll come to appreciate in the long run. 

When launching a fashion business, you have to know that it's not just about creating beautiful clothing. It involves a lot of other important factors such as sampling, pricing, production, campaigning and marketing. It's not a 9-5 job, it's an every moment you're a wake adventure, so be patient and have fun.”

To celebrate the launch of Fatima’s new brand ‘1982’, we want to share with you a behind the scenes video of the collection’s campaign photo shoot.

By Sadiya Ali Hussein

Edited By Copywriter: Elixir Ahmed


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