Letter to my younger self - Anonymous

To my younger self,

As I sit here writing this letter to you, I remember what it was like to be your age. To have such a passion that it creates beautiful smiles in anyone who had the pleasure to be consumed by it. I know you’re going through a difficult time in your life right now. It’s not easy leaving the nest, but its time you understood that hooyo sacrificed her dreams and aspirations to take care of you; so that one day you can go after your OWN dreams.

I know that three years ago you paid the price of a civil war you had nothing to do with. I know they threw you into the countryside so you could milk the camels. I know that you had to leave your family to live with people you did not know.

But do you know what else I know? I know that this struggle did not break you. INSTEAD, it molded you into becoming a self reliant individual who is able to get through any obstacle that life places in his way. The ordeals that you have undergone did not stop you from continuing on to grow. I am so PROUD that three years later, you have decided to immerse yourself into unfamiliar territory, with the sole purpose of learning. Arabic and English are not easy languages but I assure you, it will pay off.  In a few years time you will have a life-changing opportunity to leave Somalia to go to Uganda for University

I’m leaving you with this side note:
I want you to continue to be brave enough to claim the life that you want and to embrace all that is you. Satisfy your curiosity, follow your instincts, make those difficult decisions, form new friendships, get lost in the art of reading and last but certainly not least, never limit your dreams.

My younger self, I want you to take advantage of this wonderful life that you lead and to cherish every moment of it.

From your very old self,


Coypwriter - Amelle Ismail


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