Elmimag Creative Writing Competition

Elmimag is proud and amazed by all the incredible writers we have attracted since we launched end of last year. We wanted to create a writing competition which runs 3 times a year. A winner will be selected every April, August and December.

How it works?

You write a 500 to 1000 word descriptive, fiction piece which follows on from. “I woke up and realised I was in a hospital bed, with no memory of how I got here or who I am…..”

The piece needs to be descriptive and creative. Think outside of the box and waw us. 

Our first winner will be selected this August 2015.
All pieces submitted will be published on Elmimag.com and our social media platforms. The applicants will get points based on interaction to their pieces on social media; how many likes, shares and so on. The points will be calculated and the Elmimag team will choose the winner based on the social media points and their views.

You can send us your pieces from now until 3rd of July. (DEADLINE)

Send it via email with the subject as: Elmimag Writing Competition
to: elmimagazine@gmail.com

The winner will be awarded a certificate, which recognises them as the Elmimag writer of 2015 and will be put forward for writing opportunities that may arise.

We look forward to your entries.


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