My Top 10 Somali Songs of 2014 - Amina Aden

(Photo source: Aar Maanta's music video– Go’doomey)

When I was younger, I use to cringe at the thought of Somali music playing anywhere I was. I would only tolerate it at weddings because, quite frankly, a Somali wedding without Somali music isn’t really a wedding. 

Although, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to get more in touch with the cultural aspects of my background, and Somali music and traditional dances are probably the main parts of it. Now, I actually enjoy the extra-long introductions of songs and the random use of saxophones in the song to an extent that, Somali music is all I listen to now. 

Below I’ve ranked my favourite Somali songs of 2014 in no particular order, from love songs, to break up songs, to Wadani (patriotic) songs, and I had to throw in some dhaanto tracks too! I hope you enjoy them.

10) Hodan Abdirahman – Hotelada.

If I have to say, I honestly think that 2014 has been Hodan Abdirahman’s year as all her songs are hit. In this song, she’s singing about her and her partner. This is a song that just makes you want to sway from side to side, and I don’t think this will be the last time we will see her on this list!

9) Mohamed Alta & Dalmar Yare – Bosniya 

These two are probably two of my favourite Somali singers currently from North America, who are also part of Kooxda Minnesota (the group of Minnesota) which also includes Hodan Abdirahman and many more singers. If you haven’t heard this song, well, you can thank me for the mention on this list! This is probably my favourite duo from 2014.

8) Maxamad BK – Calaf

Maxamad BK has such a unique voice, its beyond amazing! Calaf is the ultimate break up song, where he simply explains to the person ‘’Calaf kaagi waad heli’’, meaning, ‘’you’ll find your love’’. Whether you generally like Somali songs, or going through a relatable scenario, I assure you that you’ll enjoy this song, especially the beat which makes you want to two step wherever you are.
7) Hodan Abdirahman & Iskalaji – Jirirco - 

   Hodan Abdirahman & Iskalaji – Hanasho

Now, you’re probably wondering why I’ve included two songs at number 7, and to be honest, I couldn’t decide which one I liked more. Iskalaji, alongside Hodan Abdirahman, and the singers at number 9, are all part of Kooxda Minnesota, and to be quite frank, they haven’t disappointed with both of their duos.

6) Aar Maanta – Go’doomey 

Go'doomey by far has to be one of my favourite Somali music videos. A song about love, shot in the city of love, I don’t think it could get any better! With a twist to the beat, not the usual expected Somali beat, Aar Maanta blew everyone away with this song and video. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of his future work.

5) Hibo Nuura – Xidig 

Now, if you’re familiar with old Somali songs and singers, then you will be familiar with Hibo Nuura. Hibo Nuura was part of Waaberi, the legendary Somali group from the 70’s-90’s in Somalia. She continues to make songs here and there, whilst many members of the older generation refer to her as the mother of Somali music. In this song, she encourages people to not be bothered by what others say. Whenever I need some sort of motivation, I always listen to Hibo Nuura.

4) Farxiya Fiska & Ilkacase Qays – Kabo Hoo Ii Kabo

If you listen to R&B music, then you will absolute love this beat. When I listen to this song, it makes me nod my head from side to side. As said at the beginning of the song, this is the Queen of Singing and the King of Rap, we couldn’t ask for a better collaboration.

3) Ali Dhaanto – Gobalada

I had to include a Dhaanto song! Ali Dhaanto acknowledges the various cities in the Somali Ethiopian region, which just makes you want to get up and do the dhaanto to the song!

2) Awale Aden – Indha Caashaq

Now, this is probably my favourite Somali wedding song, and I only heard it this year! Every wedding I’ve been to this year, this song has been played, and it made me happy that I wasn’t the only one who knew this song! Actually, I think this song was more popular amongst the younger generation. In this song, Awale Aden is singing about the couple coming together in matrimony with ‘’aafka hooyo, hidaha asalka’’ (your mother tounge and traditional clothes). If you do go to a wedding and this song is played, you’re bound to have a good time.

1) Axmed Budul – Qurbo Joogto 

Qurbo Joogto, translate to the diasporas (those living abroad from their mother land). From the 'King of Dhaanto', this Dhaanto song encourages the ‘’Qurbo Joog’’ to come back home and rebuild their motherland, a great dhaanto song with a great message.

Some honourable mentions:

Maxamad BK – Nolosha Cuusub So Dhawee
Hodan Abdirahman – Qudhayda
Abdiwahab Booska – Jigjiga
Rahma Rose – Digtoor
Bashir Dirgax – Dirgax
Azhaab Osman – Adkeyso
Lafoole – Deeqa
Maryan Mursal – Somali Udiida Ceeb
Aar Maanta – Dhaayaha
Maxamad BK – Qardhaas
Nimco Yasin – Malyun Karroon
Axmed Budul – Nafaqo
Nimcan Hilaac & Idil Barkhad – Adaan Kugu Ducaysta
Idil Barkhad – Wiilasha Indhayga

Whether you enjoy listening to Somali music, or you rarely do, I hope you enjoy the suggestions given above!


  1. Nolasha cusub soo dhawee is by far the best song of the year. Your evaluation is grossly wrong. You are either not so much educated or unfortunately biased...which is kind of sad...well for you because you make fool of yourself in your judgement, trustworthiness and credibility. Lakiin Soomaalibaad ka dhalatoo, la yaab ma lihid!

  2. This is the place for a beautiful wedding. The ceremony was held in the wedding location venue, which commands a breath-taking view of the city. I only wish I appreciated it more when I was there. Oh well. You live and learn.

  3. damac kale mayeesho dumar lama tisqaade adan kugu ducaysta is the best song woow

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