Credible Voices Conference in Istanbul - Anti-Tribalism Movement

Anti-Tribalism Movement is holding a powerful three day conference in Istanbul from the 10th to the 12th of November; called 'Credible Voices.'

The guests attending the conference are East African individuals with 'Credible Voices' from all over the globe. These include religious scholars, community leaders, youth leaders and female representatives.

The topics of discussion on the agenda include conflict resolutions, extremism, tribalism and the future of Somalia.

"The ideology Al-Shabaab have and use to justify their actions, while wholly unpopular and hated, are largely uncontested in most of Somalia, particularly in the vast swathes of territory they
control or influence. Credible Voices aims to amplify and echo the voices and opinions of those who openly oppose and denounce the actions of Al-Shabaab and are trusted within the community." - Anti-Tribalism Movement

Anti-Tribalism Movement also aim to continue the work of 'Credible Voices' once the conference has concluded; by facilitating public outreach activities in partnership with the leaders.

'Credible Voice' also aims to unite the leaders and amplify their appearances on various media platforms, in order to reach a wider audience. By doing this they hope these leaders will become a powerful counter to the Al-Shabaab narrative among Somalis worldwide.

Anti-Tribalism Movement will be using their twitter feed to keep us posted on the conference occurrence. They are welcoming you all to join in with the conversation by tweeting with the hashtag #CredibleVoices.


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