Somali Sideways - Halima Hosh

(Picture from Somali Sideways Facebook, Click to view)

Here we have Halima Hosh, a Designer from Fresh and Different at #CavendishSquare#London.

"I had the best job in the world, so I thought. I worked in Oracle Sales and everything looked perfect to me. I made good money; I travelled around on the companies behalf, I had a company mobile phone, a company laptop, private health care – what else could I want? Life was beautiful. Until the day I was told that my job would move to Dublin, Ireland. But I live in London. My family lives in London. I was devastated. The answer was clear. And so I lost my precious job. I was made redundant. I got so depressed. The money which I used to have easily became all of a sudden very little. Life was no longer easy. I didn’t even want to go out with my friends anymore. But I am not a child of sadness and after being depressed for a short while, I realised that this is getting me nowhere and I pulled myself out of it. One beautiful summers day, I went to the office of my estate agency to renew my tenancy contract. I had to wait a little bit. I went through a nice glamour magazine and there it was! A skirt! A beautiful long western looking skirt but in an African print! I was amazed. I had never ever seen something like that before. Read the whole article. And I liked it a lot. The colours. The pattern. The fabric. And I thought to myself: He is Nigerian and can do that, I am Somali and I can do that even better. In 2013, Fresh and Different, was born. A Fashion label that stands for contemporary African Fashion. That blends the African roots with a Western lifestyle, promotes and showcases beautiful world prints by elegantly tailoring and interpreting them into high quality, fashionable yet easy to wear gems, that injects a dash of style and colour into any wardrobe. The production side of the label is in Kenya. It had to be Africa for me. The African Fashion Week London Concession opened a shop in London’s Oxford Street, The Plazza, on November 1st 2014. Fresh and Different was selected. I feel very honoured and happy. I love the fact that contemporary African Fashion will move into Oxford Street. Not through funding or aid – no because of our own hard work".#SomaliSideways.


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