We Shall Never Forget - Fiiri Bandhiga

(Entrepreneurs and organisers of the convention.)

Sunday the 21st September was like no other Sunday. While most Londoners where probably having a lazy day at home, majority of the Somali community where in West London attending the Fiiri Bandhiga convention.

If this is first your hearing of Fiiri Bandhiga, here is the link to a post about the event. 

The organisers of the convention aimed to showcase Somali success; together with 32 entrepreneurs they did that and more. 

(Asli Ciyow, one of the Fiiri Bandhiga organisers.)

The way the event was set up fuelled the atmosphere and kept all the visitors entertained and networking throughout the day. 

The attendees included Hamza Mohamed, Mo Ali, ATM, Elays Network, LSYF and many others. The event was covered by media, which included Star TV and Royal TV.  

The advice and talks the entrepreneurs prepared were very inspiring and honest. They found success in their fields of work and they wanted to share it with their community. Seeing so many Somali role models in one room was refreshing. Especially because of the recent negative stigma surrounding the word Somali. 

Its a shame Fiiri Bandhiga is moving on to another location, however it is beautiful to know that it will leave other Somali communities feeling the way London did that day.

Sunday the 21st of September was definitely a day everyone was proud to be Somali.

Here is how twitter reacted to the event: 


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