Fiiri Bandhiga 2014 Convention

One day to go! The count down is finally coming to an end for Fiiri Bandhiga convention, which is scheduled on September 21, 2014 in London. 

Asli and Yassin Ciyow have put together a business convention with 32 Somali entrepreneurs living in the UK, and working in diverse fields such as fashion, cuisine, media, agriculture and development have been selected.

"By reuniting business leaders from all fields under the same roof, Fiiri Bandhiga aims to provide Somali entrepreneurs with the possibility of expanding their businesses in the UK and internationally. Fiiri Bandhiga will offer a breeding ground for new ideas and will facilitate the exchange and networking between Somali entrepreneurs."

(Click Image to view video)

"Additionally, Fiiri Bandhiga aims to enhance the image of the Somali diaspora by casting a brand of young, active and creative Somalis, fully participating in the globalized world context."

Date - 21st of September 2014
Location-  The Flyover 3-5 Thorpe Close / London W10 5XL
Time -  From 10am to 6pm
Tickets- £5 entry fee

Tickets are only £5 get your tickets here!

The online Somali community is excited for the convention because there has been no other like it.


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