London Somali Youth Summit - Giving the Youth a Platform

London Somali Youth Summit - Thursday 25th September 2014

London has a very active Somali community. It is inspiring to see many people from different organisations, who work with and aid the Somali community in different ways.

The relationship between these organisations is also applaudable. London Somali Youth Forum, Anti-Tribalism Movement and Elays Network together hosted a pivotal summit today in Hamilton House, London.

The event was open to the Somali youth to discuss current issues facing the young community. The day consisted of speakers who equipped the audience with information on topics such as:
  1. Role of Social Media and Extremist Content,
  2. Young People and Vulnerabilities to Extremism,
  3. Untangling Foreign Policy – Complexities and a few others.
Later in the day the guests split into groups and discussed the topics further. It was great to see the youth speak out about why they think young people get radicalised.

The summit was very successful because it gave the youth a platform to talk about an issue most people don't discuss. It also listened to their ideas and solutions on how they as individuals can prevent this global issue.

One of the attendees said "I don't agree with people who say that the youth are the people of the future. I believe they are the people of today."

Todays summit proved just that. We as young people should feel obligated to be activists and take action.

"The Summit organised discussed sensitive topics that affect us as a community and a society. The discussions of violent extremism, various speeches from community leaders and workshop discussions helped myself and other youths see the opposite end of the spectrum. Abdulhalim Rijaal from the US State Department also helped me identify what the US are doing about this issue we face. 

I benefited from this summit a lot, as a young, British-Somali, female living in this current society where many youths are participating in wars abroad. It helped me identify the steps of radicalism, violent extremism, and gave me stepping stones and learnt how to try to avoid and tackle it.

Lastly, hearing from community leaders who play a role in trying to tackle this issue made me happy that these Somali community leaders have not given up on the Somali youths and still believe in us."

Amina, 19 

"Really proud of London Somali Youth Forum, Anti Tribalism Movement & Elays Network for putting together today's London Somali Youth Summit. Coming together for an key issue is always important.
The summit was successful and it defiantly left me motivated and equipped to do my part. However it should not stop there, we should continue to meet like we did today and take action."

Sadiya, 24


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