Digital Fusion & Nomadic Pop - Art

My work portrays elements of personal reflection and “searching common grounds” both on the combination of cultures, namely the traditional Somali lifestyle and how it’s developed in modern times. (by Somalis within the Somali diaspora.)
I tend to reference western influences in my work. I look at pop culture, fashion magazines and paintings from the renaissance era. These will then become ideas for my portrait and figurative placements. The work often looks surreal and displaced but has a balanced narrative within its concept.

Digital Fusion & Nomadic Pop begins to look at renowned Somali models, social status and cultural change are both major aspects of the exploration of my work.
“Hidiyo Dhagan” > the heritage and culture within Somali art, plays a fundamental part in identifying connection points, these are; folklore, traditional music and personal stories of Somalis.
With this foundation in hand I start to understand my identity from both sides of the plate.

The work consists of watercolour drawings, mixed media and fabric collage developed further digitally and then photographed.

By Ahmed Magare
(All images are designed by Ahmed Magare)


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