Poetry Corner - Domestic Conflicts Of The Soul

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I am the emphasis of love , I am the glow that lights your soul the smile that invites your eyes , flutters your cheeks. The way he looked at me sent little dancing shivers down my spine , as you walk towards me the sounds the echoes no longer exist all that I hear are the quick patter of your feet as my breathing slows down in anxiousness for you to hurry to me! Two months of bliss. you stand in front of me and sweep my hair of my face and whisper as though its a secret you are mine and I am yours. In that very moment I get a flashback of the very first time i had met love it was though god had answered my prayers and gave me love and said it is yours. Our souls instantly attracted through every cell in our bodies , spiritually entwined with love and passion , feeling so vacant in a sweet tender world of our own as we truly connected mind,body, soul! After that whenever I woke up ,that was when you truly saw the real me as i lay next to you unaware, innocent eyes, excited lips you was love.

Soon I become lies I am tears that fail to no longer drop from my eyes , you walk towards me and those shivers turn into a cold air punching my spine !my heart no longer waits for you to hurry up ,my breath no longer breathes slow and the slow echoes turn into noise as I see myself screaming with every punch kick and bite , as the sharp pain of my bones breaking, continue a few hours later the screams turn into silence as I get a kiss on the cheek and told 'you always know how to get under my skin bbe , you know i love you!' my aching body is less painful then my aching soul as I look into the mirror and have no recollection of the girl I have become I no longer see that young girl with a bright future here stands a woman with a faint expression vacant spirit no longer there ,frail ,pale and frightened of her own shadow unable to recognise myself after four years.

Every touch is no longer felt as love but feels as though his fingers were made out of blades cold and sharp. kisses no longer feel tender and caring they now feel as though my lips are on fire with every breathless kiss I share.

Love is never jealous nor envious, love is never obsessive nor controlling love is never hurtful nor violent love is never fear... As I look down on my frail,beaten,bruised bloodied body It was then I realised that LOVE WAS NEVER HERE!

By Nubian Poet


  1. This is so amazing who is the writer and do they have more work?

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