Somali Sideways - Mohamed Farah

Here we have Mohamed Farah from ‪#‎Calgary‬‪#‎AB‬.
"I'm the co-founder of the Selam Project. I major in Economics at the University of Calgary. I have a typical diaspora story. I had the typical Somali diaspora dream of being a leader and finally change Somalia for the better. In Surah Ar-Rad Allah (swt) says "...Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves..." How could I naively and arrogantly hope to change Somalia if I nor Somalis are unwilling to change. Allah (swt) who has the power to change a people's decision is telling us He will not, but on one condition. There is wisdom in this for us to learn. Today we have Somalis walking around as if we haven't been in a civil war for 25 years. As if we don't know why we're in our current situation. People who point fingers and blame others aren't solving any problems or enlightening anyone positively. How can we change ourselves if we put the blame to others. This is a trait of the weak. A trait of a people who will never succeed. While people argued and fought over politics, religion, the economy, tribes, land, and countless other reasons for discord we have racked up about 6 million orphans in the Horn of Africa, one of the largest diaspora communities in the world, Somalis treated as slaves in Yemen, and our people living generation after generation in refugee camps. We can't blame anyone but ourselves, we have to accept it, and move on. This is where the Selam Project comes in. We know our history, and we know this is not who we are. By working alongside the diaspora and local initiatives we want to help pick up the pieces. Starting with the Orphans. Alhamdulillah we've finished funding for our pilot project in Ethiopia, supporting 10 orphans for 10 years. The next project is in Somalia, the donations collected will be going towards this initiative. Inshallah this works out. Our future goal is to promote projects and initiatives that actively involve the diaspora into having a more hands-on approach to reviving the Horn of Africa". ‪#‎SomaliSideways‬.


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