Somali Sideways - Aar Maanta

(Picture from Somali Sideways Facebook, Click to view)

Here we have Hassan Noor Sayid otherwise known as Aar Maanta facing East with some of the children from Wamy School and Orphanage Home in‪#‎Isiolo‬‪#‎Kenya‬.
"Be at the right place at the right time" was the quote written on the board of one of the dormitories at Wamy Orphanage where few friends and I have been doing charity work for the past few days. Many of Isiolo’s residents, a town 285km north of the Kenyan capital, are descendants of Somali soldiers who fought in World War I. I didn't know much about this town until the morning of January 13, 2013, when I received one of the most shocking news: My best friend of nearly ten years Jamal Moghe was killed by bandits on a nearby road and was to be buried there. Brother Jamal was a tolerant, kind and above all a forgiving individual. He was the sort of friend you could have an argument with and regardless of whose fault it was, he would always be the first to call. If you did not answer, he will call again. He never took anything to heart. It was no surprise that one of his last tweets was: “Forgive me if I have wronged you, forgive those who have wronged you, for Allah forgives the forgiving heart.” On the night of my wedding, Jamal was my best man. Having done so much to help me prepare for my big day, I wanted him to enjoy the moment without any responsibilities. However, being the kind of friend he was, he spent the evening outside in the cold welcoming guests at the door. Following his sudden and tragic death his widow, some friends and I have been exploring charitable options to keep his memory alive. Eventually we came across 'Wamy School Children's Home' under-funded orphanage school situated under the mountains of Isiolo town - not far from Jamal’s final resting place. One of the orphanage’s teachers remarked that they hardly had visitors so our visit alone was much appreciated. After we asked what we could do to help, they gave us a list of things. The list included fixing broken windows, buying water tank, mosquito nets, blankets, bed sheets, slippers, washing buckets etc. Thanks to money we collected from families and friends over several months we were able to provide all the items requested ourselves. I believe all our lives are somehow connected. There was a reason why my friend's final resting place was to be in Isiolo, there was a reason why my friends and I ended up in that orphanage. In other words we will always be at the right place at the right time for what is destined for us. However, miracles happen when we get out of our comfort zones, when we consciously and actively create chances for those who are less fortunate than us. Let's not rely on NGO's or other organisations who's business it is to help others. But lets get out there ourselves with whatever money or resources we can afford and make a difference in the lives of our brothers and sister every now and then Insha Allah". ‪#‎SomaliSideways‬.


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