Letter to my younger self - Awoowe Hamza

My younger self,

I know that I cannot speak to you directly, but a version of you still exists within me. It is to that version of you that I now write this letter, to thank you. I cannot thank you for everything, and whilst all thanks is due to God, it is through you that God has blessed me so. And thus, I will thank you for everything, but especially for the following:

I would like to thank you for my wife. The standards you set, through the experience of others and your own, have helped shape what I look for in a woman. All the times you’ve said No have allowed me to say Yes to her. All the times you’ve let go have allowed me to appreciate what it means to hold on to her. Your insistence on not only a wife, but a partner, a friend, a shoulder to lean on, an advisor and counsellor, have allowed to me fall even deeper in love with all of my wife’s amazing characteristics. Your insight into your own mind allowed me to have no doubts, and for that, I thank you once more.

I would like to thank you for the knowledge you have gathered for me, bestowed on me, and entrusted to me. Your avid reading habits of fiction novels have opened my mind to a world where imagination is limitless. Where characters had character. Where opinions were divided, values were shared and opposing, where lines were blurred between right and wrong, and redemption was always readily available. Your extrapolation of those fictions showed me how real they really were, reflections of sections of our society. You’ve taught me that all stories have multiple sides and to appreciate another’s view requires not your approval of that view. You’ve taught me tolerance and respect, wisdom and patience, and a good understanding of life and its priorities, and for that, I thank you once more.

I would like to thank you for my friends. The bonds you forged from an early age were of such a strength that they have survived into my era. I might not see them as often as I would like, sometimes it’s even years, but the type of kinship we share is of such a depth that time is no factor in our relationship. The links you have made with all those who you have met has not only served me many times in my hours of need, but has also allowed me to broaden my shoulders and carry the burden of others. And for that, I thank you once more.

And finally, I would like to thank you for my present and my future. Your efforts have allowed me to not only to understand your vision, but also allowed me to build on it further to create a future for my children. A legacy. And since you are me, you understand my gratitude, my love, happiness, and deep understanding of myself, is all due to you. I am the living embodiment of your thoughts and actions, and for that, I thank you.

Stay blessed.

Your vision in the making


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