Which Diaspora Child Do You Think You Are? - Hayaat Abdi

The Ambitious Diaspora Child
This is the diaspora child with not only visions and dreams, but they ALSO have plans and goals that will help make Somalia a better country. The ambitious children dream of returning to their homeland, they dream of making a difference. They are often positive bunches that are unfazed by the news of regular bombings and other shocking news. They are quietly working hard to make something of themselves, never forgetting their aim to be a part of the success of their country.

The Politician Diaspora Child
This is the diaspora child that grew up listening to their parents’ discussions about Somalia with keen interest. You will find Hiiran.com and other Somali websites bookmarked on their computers. They confidently join the elders in discussions regarding politics and are able to give you a breakdown of the president’s full name and tribe. They always have a say regarding the latest ‘moshin’ or the latest member of the parliament. Needless to say, they hope to enter the world of politics one day, though they are quick to confirm that ‘it will be to help Somalia, not my pockets’.

The Westernised Diaspora Child
This is the diaspora child that may greet you sometimes with a loud “Yo! Yo!” or may catch your eye due to the form fitting garments they are wearing. This group of people are often colloquially referred to as the ‘Lost Ones’ the ‘Dhaqan Celis’ kids. They have fully merged into the society they grew up with. They embrace a ‘YOLO’ attitude to life as you see them speeding in their cars, bumping their head at the sound of loud music.

The Freshy Diaspora Child
This is the term often given to the diaspora child who has migrated to a western country not too long ago and who has struggled to lose their accent. “It’s not b it’s p, and it’s not v it’s f” is a correction they always hear yet the colour purple remains burble for them. As a result, they are often the joke of their entourage though they take it all in light humour. In fact, they are proud of their origin and aren’t afraid to show it. Often seen in the mall with a miswak in their mouth or sporting bright yellow jilbabs, they are keen to preserve their culture in their heart.

The Clueless Diaspora Child
This group of diaspora children are considered the most confused compared to the other categories. This is the child who has moved too many times to be able to call somewhere home. They are the children who have never seen Somalia and picture it as a distant land with lots of camels and beaches. Their inability to communicate in Somali leaves them unable to comprehend and follow conversations about their “homeland”. They are unable to answer basic questions relating to Somalia such as the name of the current president and may instead reply with a baffled look, asking “does Somalia really have a president?!”

The Cultural Diaspora Child
These are the children who venture into school wearing baatis and macawiis on non-uniform days. They are the young adults who break into gabay or bring forth a mahmah whenever they have a point to make. They love to share what they know about their culture and keenly invite others into their conversations so that they too are infatuated with Somalia as they are. ‘You know, in Somalia...’ is how they often start their sentences as they passionately explain the traditions of their homeland to whoever lends them an ear.

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By Hayaat Abdi 

Coypwriter - Amelle Ismail


  1. Started off as a freshy diaspora child then suddenly, metamorphosised to westernised and clueless diaspora boy. Remained as such for a while, got some guidance and valuable advice from family, teachers and people who care and now working towards becoming ambitious, faithful and cultured diaspora man. How would I describe myself?..I would call myself one heaven of a lucky diaspora man. Thanks, first, to Allah swt and secondly to my parents. My ultimate dua is..Oh Allah please don'the make me become a politician diaspora man...There is so many of them and they are the least honest and ambitious of all the diaspora children.

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