Somali Voices - Incredible Opportunity, Deadline 27th January

Deadline 27th January!

Media Trust in partnership with and funded by the Open Society Foundation is giving 30 active members of the Somali community an incredible opportunity. Somali Voices is a unique project, that gives participants free media skill training. 

Unfortunately the perception of the Somali community in mainstream media is predominantly negative, with recent issues such as ISIS, FGM and Al-Shabaab it is important for the Somali community to work towards countering these messages in an effective way.  Somali Voices training aims to provide the participants with the skills they need to counter the negative media by sharing their positive stories and raise aspirations of the younger generations.

The training aims to help raise the platform of individuals working in the community, providing them with new skills to not only share their positive stories, but change the negative picture in the media. By changing the conversation in the media effectively Somali Voices aims to raise aspirations of the younger generation.

According to the Open Society Foundation, “British-Somalis in the United Kingdom have a keen interest in the media, however, the British media are considered to play a major role in inciting hate crime” (Open Society Foundation, Somalis in London (2014), pp.132)

Safia Abdullah, Training and Events Coordinator at Media Trust says, “Media Trust’s Somali Voices project is a great opportunity for Somalis in the UK to change the negative perception of them in the media and share their positive stories” 

If you are aged 18+, fluent in English, a community leaders, citizen journalists, bloggers and any other active members of the Somali community, who would like to raise the profile of their organisation, project or cause, this opportunity is for you

Here is what to expect if you are selected for the training.
  • Two days training in media interview skills (TV, radio, print) and social media. 
  • The chance to attend a networking event with experienced media professionals across journalism, editorial and digital media.
  • A volunteer mentor from the media industry will also support each individual to be a spokesperson helping them promote their work within the community and a high profile Somali Voices panel event will be arranged, discussing the representation of marginalised voices in the media.
  • The scheme will be rolled out in London and Leicester, where BBC Radio Leicester will be hosting training at their offices. 
  • The training will take place in February and March 2015
  • The deadline for this application is 5pm on Tuesday 27th January.

For further information, please contact:

Safia Abdullah, Training and Events Coordinator, Media Trust


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