Somali Sideways - Sagal Bedel

(Picture from Somali Sideways Facebook, Click to view)

Here we have Sagal Bedel at #‎ActonPark, #‎London.

“Here I stand as a Somali, from the Ogaden; from among the forgotten people. Here I stand for the forgotten, hidden and voiceless children of the Ogaden. Here I stand as a 15-year-old born and bred in London, who has had a blessed and sheltered upbringing. Yet, here I stand crying with the orphans, in agony with the physically abused, and distraught with the ones who have been bought up in fear and know nothing but fear. I stand for the 15 year-old girl who was raped recently and kept quiet for 3 months until she could not withstand the pain. This 15 year old is a family friend’s sister and no different to me except by Allah’s Qadr (Will). I didn't hear this in the news or read about it on the Internet. I heard it firsthand. These children live in terror every day, a real and unfortunate terror. I stand here today so that more of our people, the Somali people will for once be in support of their people wherever they may be, whether in the western world, or Somalia or the Ogaden. I stand here today to not forget the people that have for so long been forgotten. I ask you today to raise your hands for the children of the Ogaden; with the biggest weapon bestowed upon man; Dua. That Allah brings peace to these children, that they like us, live a sheltered life filled with not only their needs, but also their wants. That they spend the rest of their life in bliss, and more importantly that we never forget the forgotten. I pray that they become remembered. Though I feel humanity has failed these children, like many children around the world, I stand here with hope”. #‎SomaliSideways


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