Love, Desires And Riches In The City - Nubian Poet

Desires come from the fatal attraction to the things that the human eye sees. But beware because even the human eyes have the ability to be deceiving.

Everyday as humans we have the urge to fall in love with a certain desire, of course we do, that is because we are a ticking time bomb of mistakes and desires.

Desires have been the portal of every great story, every great accomplishment and achievement.

Desires of the soul can be the very thing that makes the human. The desire to be rich is the most common one that allows us to do everything and anything to fulfil that sudden desire to touch lips with the biggest serpents to deliver us from the evil of poverty. However there is one desire that makes us as humans become weak and powerless and that is love. Its amazing the things we do for love.

“Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defence.”

Love is the simplest thing that leads some to believe that it is as make believe as Disney, yet nostalgic, however intriguing! How something so simple and desirable can be just as destructive. Some believe in the past it has been the cause that has driven men to war, to kill, if misused.  But then one does ponder, as I suddenly realise those desires that I love ,grow stronger in strength so strong that it has developed those desires into habits. Like fad diets and that guilt you have when you have left the gym and you suddenly eat a large cheesecake that's when you suddenly realise you have loved your inner desires way to long to stop now.

That fatal attraction you have that almost seems hopeless yet you still seem to always fall into that trap of the sudden rush of feeling some type of way. As you concentrate whilst listening to those lyrics of that song that seems to say everything your heart says in a beat. Those dangerous desires that find you at your lovers feet. Bright lights and promising futures , happiest thoughts can turn into lies and deceit as you bare witness to know you would do almost anything to fulfil those needs it's almost a pity that every time we see that fatal attraction it's almost as though the deepest ocean bares weak to the cravings we humans have for love riches and the city.

First article from the 'Deadly Pursuit of sins' series.

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