Letter to My Younger Self - Anonymous

Elmimag is requesting some of our writers, activist and people in the Somali community to write a letter to their younger selves. If you want to get involved, send in your letter to elmimagazine@gmail.com. Here is an anonymous letter we received from a young man living in London. 

Dear me,

Wow, you’ve only just started on your journey to getting to know yourself a whole lot better, but you’ll figure out as you go along, that in life, it is always the adventure that counts, not the outcome. Focus on experiencing the present, rather than the constant grind of the perfect future.

I am now, not that much wiser than you, but I know you’ll just do fine. Because you know that deep down feeling you have. That feeling that just never goes away, when things are going your way or against it, is there for a reason. Let it guide you; accept that feeling of one day being successful, because it is does not lie. Growing up in inner London, you been having a sip of the “one way or another” attitude cup. Don’t let others call it stubbornness, as it is that perseverance which will become the beacon of light through the darkest and foggiest days.

Unfortunately, I am still no closer to understanding the peculiar and fascinating creatures that we called females. However, an important lesson will come to you in the form of a special young lady. Confronting your ideals, this young lady will be a blessing. Do not forsake her, otherwise you’ll find yourself writing letters to the past you in the middle of the night. I joke. Okay semi-truth, it’s the early morning.

Moving away to university will be the best decision you make. Because lets face it, despite the little time you’ll spend in lectures, you will have some world-class lessons in life. These lessons will present themselves in a number of forms; friends, books, experiences and lastly travelling (backpacking in Malaysia will be especially crazy; make sure to bring wellies!!) – they will become your raison d’etre.

Towards the last year of university, you will come at a crossroads with friends. This, though distressing at first, will prove to be a significant event in your life. Prompting re-evaluation and contemplation, you’ll come realise a paramount lesson of growing up, which is to never ever compromise on yourself.

I hope I haven’t given too much away, I know how much you love surprises. A professor once said to me “Always say yes in life, only say no in three circumstances; if it is illegal, if it is immoral and if it makes you fat”.  You’ll ignore the last one, but eating is fun and I understand.

Yours truly,



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