I have a dream, but want to make it a reality - Mohamed Bashi

I have a dream that one day my homeland will have peace and stability and that we will realise what kind of world we are in. My dream is to see someone who can stand up for what he or she believes in and say it loud enough to awaken the dead: enough is enough.

My dream is that one day; our great and beautiful nation will come together as one and for the mess that we have left behind. TOGETHER WE STAND, UNITED WE FALL. It seems to me that those who are Somali by origin have forgotten what our great and beautiful nation is all about. Being free does not mean being violent and cruel to your environment, your peers or your world. It all goes back to the saying, you dont know what youve got until its gone. I will one day be able to say that our country finally has its purpose on this planet. I have high hopes for my motherland and I want to see my hopes fulfilled in my lifetime.

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I would like to see the day where no-one is harmed emotionally and physically by violence, tribalism and drug abuses. I also want to see a day where not a single person is running towards the neighbouring countries as a refugee, with the fear of being hurt by other people.

My dream is to go back home and take part in saving the generation; not just to meet the havoc or the scorches of the Dadaab camps or any other camps, but by educating them on a voluntarily basis on literacy, leadership, patriotism and love. It would be a day where all my dreams would come true. I have a dream that one day I can be able to walk through the beaches, streets and parks without the fear of something happening to myself or others. Somalia is the land of the free and the home of the braves - its a land that provides safety, not stress and worry.

I have a dream that one day our great nation will leave its problems in the past and begin to build a better future. Worrying about what has already happened causes stress and worry. Focusing on the future allows us to plan our future so that we can expect great things in our great nation. This is my hope and well be able to stop all the madness and chaos. And finally, we will be able to live in peace which will eventually end our problems.

My dream is to see the day all Somalis come together to build up our nation, see great events such as the inauguration of the President, not just inside the villa Somalia and the Presidential palace, but celebrations by the public. It would be a sign of peace and unity among us and it would mark the wonderful times of our countrys history. I hope to see our nation rise up again to stand together and scream from the top of their lungs, Somalia Hanolato. I have a dream today. Sitting back and waiting for others to accomplish our goals will not be the solution and that is why I have started to support and strengthen the power of the youth so they can bring positivity, as well as encouraging to end illiteracy and end the gap of poverty, idleness and depending others. We can make a difference today to save the lives of our young generation. Lastly, one of my dreams already came true, and that is arriving at the heart of Somalia, the capital city Mogadishu, and visiting Liido beach.

By Mohamed Bashi

Copy Editor: Sawiya Ali


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