Dont Get Me Started

Don’t get me started on school. Six hours of pain and sorrow, in a hostile environment. School is just a name for a place of torture and suffering, people crying themselves to sleep on the sticky, dry and adhesive desks. Just a warning, don’t get me started!

Teachers are meant to be people who define respect and honour; in school they are vile, manipulative and revolting. Students are slaves to what seems to be a circus of lies and deceptions, an act of violence and force. Lunch was a time of peace and harmony, as we thought. Bullying was only a start to the mayhem that would follow. No end to conflict.
Paradise was the dream of suffering in school to end. Classroom formed into battlefields, pencils became weapons. Education and instruction transformed into combat and struggle. A war has just begun.

Basketballs being thrown around the gym. Teachers threatening students, pressuring them to put in more effort. Role models turned to hypocrites, students mutated into slaves, from school to training camp.

Even teachers present the opposite to what is expected of them. No sense of life or apathy. A student fleeing for their lives, running away from the beast, is deep within a teacher. Pretending to be someone then acting like another, two faced is the last expression for a teacher.

All classrooms reeked of desperation, disgust and doubt. Glancing around the classroom there was threat; thinking of an escape was a but dream… 

Don’t you wonder how children feel during a class? Parents assume there safe, a place of happiness and joy, twisted into hell. Children pleading for another slice of opportunity, another opening, a possibility for an escape.

But once, a student discovered a law; the limit in minutes was fifteen. If a teacher did not attend a classroom after the time period, students had the permission to leave. A rule this ridiculous gives students the opportunity and courage to mess around while the classroom is empty. What happens when the fifteen minutes are finished? Where do the students end up running to? Other classrooms are disturbed, troubled and agitated. This shouldn’t be the way a school should exist.

A school, the worst place to be. Children don’t have a choice, free will or a decision, whether or not they have to step into the pit that is education. Did you know that all children that attend nursery plead to their parents to take them home? They can’t handle the departing of their parents for the first time in their life. Now picture this, the child being left in a jungle with all kind of wild animals. At first he must be quiet until he knows his own voice. Being in such a position is horrible, terrifying and repulsive.

Mohamed Hussein, 15


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  3. Students are slaves to what seems to be a circus of lies and deceptions, an act of violence and force. Lunch was a time of peace and harmony, as we thought.

  4. Oh, what a worrying topic. It is a challenge to make kids love school. All I hear from my students is help me with homework. Don't like it, but what can you do?

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