Mohamed Mohamoud Founder of Somali Sideways

Somali Sideways is an online platform where Somalis from across the globe can share personal stories, so people can either relate or learn. The posts started only three months ago in UK,  however it did not take long for it to go global. Mohamed has received stories from New Zealand, USA, Kenya, Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Australia and Somalia.

(Photo: Mohamed Mohamud)

Mohamed shares in his interview with Maantag Magazine - "Somali Sideways aims to connect, as well as re-connect Somalis on social media. We live in a world where technology and social media are booming every day and I thought now would be a great time to bring Somalis from the Diaspora together and to share experiences and  stories to one another. Primarily this initiative is aimed at young Somalis. However, I would like to get Somalis of all ages in the future insha’Allah."

We were very curious to find out why Mohamed decided to call it Somali Sideways and have all the people in the image turning to the side. Mohamed explained his initial thought behind what is now a branded image. 

"I wanted it to be something different compared to all the other pages i came across. I called it Somali Sideways because i wanted to get Somalis involved and Sideways creates an element of thoughtfulness."

We are excited to inform you that Elmi Magazine shall be streaming the Somali Sideways stories with you. 

Posted By - Sadiya, 24


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