Event - London Somali Youth Summit

Event: London Somali Youth Summit
Location: Hamilton House
Conference Centre

Date & Time: 25th September 2014 -  9am to 5pm

London Somali Youth Forum hosts an event tomorrow; in partnership with Elays Network and Anti-Tribalism Movement.
The aim of the event is to tackle and discuss current issues facing the young community.

Topics of discussion will range from;
  • Foreign policy 
  • Vulnerabilities to extremism,
  • Violent extremism,
  • Condemning acts of terrorism
  • Extremism from a religious context and text,
  • Islamaphobia in the media, identity,
  • Promotion of tolerance and differences
  • Youth unemployment
  • Alienation

A variety of guest speakers will be attending on the day.

Come along and take part in the big discussion and let your voice be heard.

The event is free, make sure you RSVP on Eventbrite now to secure your place.


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