SomFest 2015 - A night of Somali Artistry

The atmosphere and turnout at SomFest this year was incredible. I couldn't make it last year but I was very glad I finally purchased the tickets and attended the event on Sunday. 

The night kicked of with Jamal Osman's documentary, as I'm also a journalism graduate who studied in the same university as him. I thought his story was so inspiring, knowing how hard he worked to get to where he is now. Working in the media industry isn't common in the Somali community and this is exactly what we needed. I was happy to see someone who is an award winning journalist representing us.

After Jamal answered some of the audiences questions we then listened to poetry by Amal Said. Amal captured every heart in the room with each word she spoke. Her work is raw, honest and thought provoking. Amal is a very creative artist, through her poetry and also her photography. She is definitely someone to keep an eye out for.

The first half of the night was over and it gave the guests a chance to mingle and network. It was beautiful to see Somalis from all over the UK coming together to enjoy SomFest for the second year.

After the break, it was clear that everyone was excited to see Autumn Sharif perform. Especially because she shared some of the new songs from her EP, which is scheduled to be released next month; June 26. Autumn performed a 30 min set. She had the crowds attention every second and left us all wanting more. She performed 'Sarah', 'Utopia,' It's ok' and Wise Up.' You can buy Autumn Sharif's EP on the 26th June on iTunes.

The crowd was now ready for the main event; Aar Maanta and his band took the stage and the atmosphere in the room instantly changed. The crowd was moving and singing along to every song. Aar Maanta is like no other Somali artist, he has a unique style which is evident in his music and his performances. Being a fan of his music I will defiantly say he is an entertainer and he rocked the stage that night. Aar also performed a song with the talented Jihaan.

All acts were unique in their own way. SomFest should definitely happen every year. I look forward to seeing Somalis come together to support our talented artists. Whether it be spoken word, written word or musical sound; artistry is made to be admired and SomFest is definitely a night of admiration.

Until next year, we leave you with some pictures and a video of highlights of the nigh.

Elmimag Team Photographers: Sara Amin and Sadiya Ali Hussein


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