Somali Sideways - Fahima Abdi

Here we have Fahima Abdi at ‪#‎CanaryWharfPier‬, ‪#‎London‬.

"Where to start? I want to first say how inspiring the stories I’ve read on Somali sideways are and thank the participants for making this world seem much smaller and connected. I’ll keep it brief, I haven’t the least bit of an emotional background or upbringing but when I actually think of it; even that in itself is quite emotional. To happily walk and live the life of a westerner and not be able to fathom what could have been if our motherland remained the same, is quite saddening. It seems the more you ‘fit’ in and belong, the more detached you become from your roots. Well let me tell you, I am very detached. Being around family however keeps the dream alive as I romanticise of what life was like out there in Mogadishu, devouring in their most humorous memories and collecting a stream of stories which I have turned into ‘how amazing’ tales that I’ll never experience; like reading a book. On the flip side however, you cannot miss what you never had, right? My life as it stands is too lengthy for instagram but my most recent project is Her Random Walk. I have always been the type of person that jumps from one project to another. There are many facets to who I am as I find great pleasure in many different activities (mostly creative). I have in the past planned and attempted to kick start just one hobby but always found myself feeling limited and boxed in. This is how HRW came about; HRW is a place where I will never run out of words or ideas - a place where I can just continue to express myself. A place that will allow me to, in a chain of events, live out all my hobbies so that in future I will Insha’Allah be able to reflect back on this ‘walk’ in the form of a documentary. This may not make sense to many but as with human nature, it takes getting to know the idea fully to understand the concept. So walk with me to find out where this road leads. If you’ve gotten this far, I thank you for reading. You shall hear from me soon or may see me walk past ha! Peace and love x". ‪#‎SomaliSideways‬.


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