Diaspora Dialogue - Abdulkadir Ismail

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"I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. Family moved to the UK in 98. Lived in Qatar, studied in Malaysia and started working in Kenya. Alhamdullilah i had the opportunity of travelling around the world at a young age. 
Having the advantage of being educated from one of the worlds most prestigious universities i decided to come back for the first time in 2012 to the so called failed state that i call Home. Being the son of a Real Estate Developer i saw great need for human capital and even greater potential in the Real Estate sector in Somalia.
I currently live in Mogadishu, it is an old city, about 2700 years old. Built by the Italians and Somali people. Today there is a new Mogadishu built solely by the Somali people. The Real Estate in Somalia is booming, office blocks are being constructed and occupants are moving in, the bullet riddled walls are being refurbished, new constructions are coming up in their hundreds and reined houses are being brought down. The sounds of the Gun-Shot is being replaced by that of the Hammer.
Without human capital, a failed state can never find its way out of poverty and violence as the very institutions needed to lead to prosperity and security would not be maned by the right people.
I call out to every Somali from the diaspora to come back and play a role in the reconstruction and future of this country. So our kids can grow up speaking Somali, playing football at lido and drinking on that Fresh Caano geel Insha'Allah." - Abdulkadir Ismail 


  1. It's a great story of your life. I read all the article. At last i agree with you that the real estate in Somalia is growing. Real estate in Somalia is increasing day by day. That's why many people are rush there. Thanks.

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