Somali Sideways - Fatima Ali

(Picture from Somali Sideways Facebook, Click to view)

Here we have Fatima Ali in #‎Liverpool, #‎England, #‎UnitedKingdom.

"My late father (May Allah (swt) grant him Jannah Al Firdous) was a gentleman that knew how to express his style without following trends or fashion of any sort, of course like most women, my father was the first man I fell in love with, Islamically he was a great character and boy did he have a true sense of style. It was through the British Merchant Navy, he had travelled the world with his younger brothers as Somali sailors and was introduced to the beautiful world of tailoring on his many trips to Savile Row. Between sailing and returning home on leave, he had mastered how to 'dress' and in the process building himself a permanent wardrobe, which only needed the essentials adding to it every 6 months or so. In his lifetime my father established a wardrobe mostly made out of classic navy blue suits, the perfect grey 3 piece, the must have trench coat, the ultimate overcoat and a beautiful selection of Harris Tweed blazers. The foundation of these masterpieces were various shades of blue, checked and classic white shirts with silk ties. In terms of shoes he only ever sported brown Oxfords and traditional black lace ups, he forever wore a Swiss timepiece and I can not remember him without his classic Fedora hats or his cream Taqiyah, in fact he was known for never leaving the house without a hat. He only owned one pair of Levi jeans, and they made their annual appearance when my mother wanted him to change the paint on the walls to compliment her seasonal decor. Thanks to my father, over the years I've become a woman that doesn't believe in disposable clothes, and I have managed to establish a brand based on responsible fashion, where I can create with the intention of passing on to the next generation. My story is a simple one but a passionate one at that. I created 19eighty2 to celebrate the man who shaped my past, present and future, and helped me find my identity in the world of Craftsmanship and Style, and to this I say Alhamdulillah everyday". #‎SomaliSideways.


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