Sehnsucht - By Anonymous Black

Sometimes my resolve quivers but then it quickly finds its place again. The psych is a smoke which through interaction can take any shape. We can see this in our youngs' watchful eyes. Innocent and eager to learn.

We are taught what to want and why to want it. It is not until we start to think for ourselves that we realise what we desire will never be enough.

Chasing goal after goal, wondering why we are never satisfied.

Sehnsucht, The germans describe it as 'an ambiguous emotional occurrence. A feeling. A longing for something we cannot identify" they say that the reason we are never pleased is because we are forever trying to fill the void losing this ambiguous place or thing has left us with. It is the reason for our attachment and subsequently our unattachment. We are taught that love is the greatest occurrence in ones life, hence we attach ourselves and our happiness to this person we think is " the one "once we meet them. Our subconscious tells us that this "love" is enough. Enough to fill the void. Some become fanatical about it. Some realise early that its not the answer.

" Non attachment gives us the freedom, space and time to contemplate the true meaning of life" - Buddha

That quote alone tells us that buddha understood that attachment hinders enlightenment and that he too contemplated the TRUE meaning of life.

Whilst growing up i can honestly say that i always knew the purpose of life but i didn't come to truly understanding it until my late teens. Through puberty i slowly slipped out of my parents protective grasp and began to experience the world and its freedom. When the awe and magic of it all began to fade i too began to notice the gradual increase of this feeling. They say the kids wish they were adults and the adults wish they could be kids again. This was the reason why. This feeling. It began to make me feel lost and a sense of nostalgia. I saw myself telling my friends those same words. I wish i was a kid again. I was confused but i didn't know why. I knew the purpose of life. Why i was here. Why did i feel so lost.

After countless sleepless nights and sunrises i decided to turn back to the beginning for answers, to my lord and my creator.The purpose for my life.

As i began to pray again i began to feel a a sense of enlightenment. As if a burden was lifted. I did not care for my worldly troubles because i understood that it was temporary and that my lord was pleased with me. I was doing what i was sent to do. Before then i knew i was sent to worship god but i didn't understand its significance. Islam/peace the name itself tells you what it does for your soul /psych/ subconscious.

We were designed with this innate longing to find our creator instilled within us. It has been at the forefront of mankind's motive for innovation and discovery whether it be through science or philosophy since the age of enlightenment.

I was blessed to have been born a muslim and blessed enough to understand what so many have tried to understand for centuries . If you too are a muslim you are given the honour and the responsibility of reaching out with the message to those around you. And to those who may feel how i felt those nights a few years ago, May this message help you find yourself and your purpose.


By Anonymous Black


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