Somali Sideways - Sagal

(Picture from Somali Sideways Facebook, Click to view)

Here we have Sagal at the #‎NationalGallery, #‎London.

"One of my greatest journeys was living in Kenya, my first experience living outside the West. It was a nerve-wracking culture shock that still resonates with me today. Once again I was a foreigner in a new place but this time an entirely different continent. Whenever people ask me "where were you raised?" it's not something I could answer properly. I have never spent more then five years in one place, and growing up I resented the amount of times I had to make new friends, dreading of new beginnings. I have dealt with anxiety issues all my life. I remember feeling my heart race with panic when starting a new school or simply had to speak in front of a large group. However, I learned to adapt to change each time the family relocated, and in each journey I have gained new traits and inclinations -raging feminist, emotional social activist, superhero fanatic in one bundle of a confused identity. I have allowed my opinions to overshadow my panic and taught myself to ignore it by making people laugh even just a little - every single human being deserves some semblance of happiness, right! And even if it's outside our capacity we have the choice to bring positivity into the life of others, the smallest act of kindness can go a long way. Throughout the years, I've strengthened the ability to deflect anything personal off myself with witticism, shenanigans and outrageous opinions. Maybe, just maybe, focusing on the happiness of others could help me from thinking of those whom we cannot reach, those who suffer in silence. Almost a year and a half ago I started a new journey back to Mogadishu, Somalia - the most important journey of my life. In one year and a half, I have learned so much from my native home. They have taught me the real meaning of life, struggle, adventure, the greatness and importance of being a Somali woman. They've taught me that every Somali, local or diaspora, are more than just people of war and despondency. I have learned that they are the hope that will raise the horn from its ashes of conflict and heartache reborn like a phoenix that will ignite the greatness we all share." #‎SomaliSideways.


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