Gaaran Foundation - Recognition Asli Mohamed

“How is a child to choose whether to put food on their table or pay for their education?
Gaaran Foundation is focused on providing a holistic care for these children in need. - we will do everything we can to meet their expectations in life.” - Asli J Mohamed.

Elmimag recognition: Asli Mohamed and Gaaran Foundation

Gaaran Foundation is a charity set up by Asli Mohamed, 27 and her husband in the name of her grandmother Gaaran Joolaal.

Gaaran was a loving and caring person who's love for orphans and those in need was well known and touched many peoples lives. Gaaran was an unsung hero who provided care and assistance to many young orphans who had lost their parents, families and livelihood due to the catastrophic breakout of civil war in Somalia, 1990.

In 2008 after the passing of her grandmother Gaaran, Asli made a promise that she would look after all the people that relied solely on her grandmother’s care.

Years after her grandmother passed. Asli was keen to continue her grandmothers work and find a path that would enable her legacy to live on. Asli returned to her motherland in the summer of 2014 accompanied by her husband, for the first time in 22 years.

During her visit she witnessed extreme poverty, orphans, children beggars, forced labour, refugees, areas in ruin and dire situations, much more than she had initially envisioned. These young children grow up without their parent’s care and thousands of them go missing everyday.

Asli and her husband met Mohamed aged 4,

(Asli and Mohamed)

“We saw Mohammed wandering the streets of Berbera mid day in the scorching heat crying, looking run down with ripped up clothes. Stopped to give him water and sit in the shade. We found out that father passed away, didn't know where his mother is and doesn't have any siblings. He begs for food in the cafes and restaurants. Went off to buy him some change of clothing and to speak to the people he is with normally, when we got back he wasnt where we left him. We were told he got into a car with a couple of men that offered him something. We can't find him until this day.”

They also encounter 8 year old Jumale,

“8 year old Jumale is another child of the streets. Begging and working. Our first encounter with him was when he came up to us begging. Then again when he was working trying to find shoes to polish. We asked him about his life. He said his father passed away and his mother sent him off to work with two older guys. She left to find work in the city. After giving him some food because he hadn't eaten at all he told us he couldn't accept us replacing his ripped up clothes with new ones because the two older boys would hit him if he went back with new clothes and not money. “

Traveling back home was an eye opening experience for Asli and her husband. Together they are embarking on a journey to set up an orphanage in her grandmother’s name, Gaaran Foundation.

“With help from you, your family, friends and partners, we'll make sure the children will receive the healthiest start in life. To get off the streets and have a safe shelter, food to eat, clean clothes and be given the chance to be children.”

Gaaran Foundation aims to help build the children's confidence and develop their life skills. This will include hands on training, academic and spiritual/ religious lessons. With a variety of teaching practices they will also learn about the different aspects of nutrition. They will be gardening, growing their own food, learn to farm organically and to live as sustainably as possible.

You can help the Gaaran Foundation by donating and creating awareness so that others can do the same.

Elmimag loves and supports the work Asli and her husband are doing, we pray they achieve all their goals.

Gaaran Foundation will be holding a launch event on Wednesday the 15th of October from 6pm to 8pm. For those who cant attend, the event will be streaming live on Royal TV. will be covering the event. tweet #ElmimagGaaran throughout the event and we will feature your tweets in the magazine.


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