#QuranChallenge Gone Viral - Elmimag.com Nominates you!

It first started with a pointless beer challenge in Germany, then became a sucessful global charity awareness and fundraiser for ALS.

Now we have the #QuranChallenge..

Muslims all over the world are participating and nominating others to get involved in the Quran challenge.

This is a beautiful thing because of all the rewards you will receive for;

  1. Reciting verses from the Quraan,
  2. Everyone who listens to you recite,
  3. The recitation of those you nominated.

Elmi Mag nominates all our readers to participate in the #QuranChallenge. You have 24 hours. Tag our Facebook/Elmimag.com or our twitter @elmimag once you participate. We will share all the participants videos on the magazine.

May Allah reward you all. Ameen.


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