Poetry Corner - 'IT'

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Would you cry for IT?
Even die for IT?
Some would.
Some have.

IT is always creeping in your mind,
Your demons pulling you aside
Saying; just one last time.
except you know IT is not.

IT is becoming a problem.
The problem.
Starting to snap under the tension.
A burden on your mind
And heart,
Sweaty palms at ITs' mention.

IT started off innocent.
Thought the advice insignificant,
All your elders brushed ignorant
Now IT is somehow become the difference
Between success and failure.

You probably know what IT is now.
An addiction, Your addiction.
Whether IT is greed, lust or a substance.
IT's battle is equal to all others.

Whatever IT is.
In Whatever darkness you may be
Inna ma'al usri yusra

Verily after difficulty comes ease.

By, Anonymous Black - 21



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