Heblayo.com is an online fashion retail brand, that specialises in Somali traditional garments. The website launched this summer (2014) and  has a sleek and customer friendly design. The Heblayo.com team share their story on how the idea, which is now a brand came to play:
"It was in the autumn of 2013, when a group of friends were enjoying a Saturday afternoon stroll with a spot of some retail therapy.
After taking a break at a caf√© overlooking the shops at a bustling London Shopping Mall, they couldn’t help but admire the sheer abundance of fashion brands offering a variety of styles to suit all tastes. Amidst their discussion, they wondered whether there would ever be a brand of a similar caliber specialising in Somali fashion.
From that moment, the idea for heblayo.com was born."
We are very excited to see young Somali entrepreneurs coming together to form a innovative brand.
Visit their website and share your thoughts in the comments. www.heblayo.com


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